5. Extending Worldwide Your Open Heavens Anointing

R 180.00

This book enables the reader to generate and accrue one's Isaiah 55 verses 12-13, John 15 verses 8-11 or Revelation 3 verses 7-12 'lasting fruit of one's greatest and eternally fulfilling' Personal Peace and Joy, from ‘one's accessing and extending to increasing people’ worldwide. The Genesis 1 verses 26-28 or Revelation 5 verses 5-13 ‘earthly ruling and God serving kingdom and priesthood’ inheritance's all enslavement breaking; all enemies paralyzing; and all victory rewards assuring boundless power and wisdom. Consequently, the reader becomes a Revelation chapters 21 and 22 'new open heaven and a new cursed freed earth bringing' vessel, which inspires all willing people to pursue and accomplish their John 14 verses 12-14 or Ephesians 3 verse 20 'most desired yet appearing impossible' dreams, visions or aspirations.